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Beaches to avoid

Beaches to avoid if you are beach lover

Many of you are beach lovers, we are too. Even those that don’t like to spend your holiday days chilling out all day lazing on the sand, still appreciate the natural beauty of a pristine beach, and clear waters.
We as a species have done so much over the years to ruin the world’s natural beauty, beaches included. Whether it’s dirty water, overcrowding, rubbish or pollution even the slightest hint of mankind’s invasion can ruin an otherwise picturesque beach.
There are so many lists adorning the internet and travel guides of the world’s best beaches, we thought here at Plane Fun Aviation we should highlight the ones you should avoid at all costs.
These are guaranteed to ruin any beach lover’s holiday, and if beaches are what you are looking for then DO NOT travel to these.

1 Xinghai Beach China

Xinghai beach China

It is no wonder the most populous country on the planet is also home the most overcrowded beach on the planet. Xinghai beach is underneath the swarm of people that descend here every weekend actually a very pleasant crescent shaped beach.
However its location in the North East of the country make it a perfect getaway for many Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Russian tourist, all looking for the same thing, a weekend getaway on the beach. Every weekend this otherwise tranquil spot is overrun with people, in much a similar way an ice cream left outside an ant hill would be overrun with ants.

2 Pattaya Beach Thailand

Pattaya beach girls

Second on the list is Pattaya beach in Thailand, located only 175km south of the capital this is a very popular beach for both domestic and foreign tourists. Pattaya beach doesn’t excel at being bad in any one particular area, in fact it has gone for a clean sweep of bad beach awards.
Overcrowded due to its proximity to the capital Bangkok, the beach is packed almost every day of the year. The waters at the top of the gulf of Thailand are notoriously polluted and swimming at Pattaya beach is not for the faint hearted.
If you are looking to chill out, relax and escape the modern world forget about that here, you will be pestered everyday by the endless stream of locals pestering you buy the fake cigarettes and DVD’s.
But having said that we still haven’t got to the worst part about Pattaya beach, its seediness! In a town which is world renowned for its sex trade the beach front is the epicentre, while the seedy bars and clubs are located at one end of the beach in “Walking Street”, the more public and lower end of the trade is located right along the beach. Here every afternoon from noon to late at night hundreds of freelance sex workers (Male, female and Ladyboy’s) pour to the edge of the beach making it one of the world’s longest red light zones around.

3 Kamilo Beach Hawaii

Kamilo beach hawaii

We have mentioned the impact of waste and rubbish have on the world and its beaches and probably the worst affected is Kamilo Beach in Hawaii. In an island of otherwise pristine beaches and bays Kamilo stands out as one which is particularly affected by trash.
A lot of the worlds waste ends up in its oceans, especially the great Pacific garbage patch and unfortunately for Kamilo beach the tides and currents seem to wash most of it ashore there. The beach is almost 90% covered trash, such a shame.

4 Maho beach, St Maarten

What is otherwise a truly stunning beach, complete with all aspects of the perfect place to relax. Picture perfect white powder sands, crystal clear waters that gently lap the sands and a protected safe waters.

You may wonder why Maho beach is on the list, well noise pollution. It does not matter how picture perfect your surroundings, how gentle the waters or how clean the sand, if you are constantly disturbed by the sound of huge Jumbo jets coming in to land, you are not going to enjoy your day.

Its location is not designed by human design, mother nature chose this otherwise tranquil spot. What is by human design is the airports location less than 100m behind the beach. The planes are on their final approach at low altitude when the cross the beach, making the noise unbearable at times. Watch the video above, you will not believe this is even possible.


Final thoughts.

Well I hope your are luckily enough never to have to visit one of the above beaches, there are plenty of truly sublime beaches around the world for you too choose from.

All it takes is a bit of research to ensure your beach vacation goes perfectly.

Great American Road Trips

Great American road trips

American Road trip

It doesn’t matter your age, what type of vehicle you like, whether you’re a biker or car enthusiast, if you are old enough to drive you will love one of great American road trips.
There is something magical in leaving the stresses of modern life behind, packing the bare essentials and setting of a trip of discovery.
The US is a hug place, in fact it is over 2,000 miles wide at its shortest coast to coast point. Its sheer size alone means there are vast variety of sights, cuisines, people and things to see across the US. And the roads can be long, beautiful and truly stunning.
Movie after movie from Hollywood have depicted the romance of the road trip for generations, and ever since the idea was pitched on the big screen. Folk from all over the world have set their hearts on recreating this magical experience for themselves. And a whole new tourism industry has been created to satisfy the need.
Right across many of the more famous highways you will find high end motels and guest house to serve the weary driver. You can now hire the vehicle of your choice, motor home, muscle car, Harley Davidson or whatever takes your fancy on one coast drive it the 2,000 miles across the US and leave it at the other side, no need to drive it back. Some entrepreneurial holiday makers even buy their vehicle at one end of the trip, and then sell it at the end making it virtually free or if not free then very cheap long term hire.
Below are some of the more popular trips you can take, all of these will offer organised trips with set itineraries, but for the more adventurous we would recommend just setting off on your own and going with the flow.

1 – Pacific coast highway

Ever seen a car commercial with winding coastal roads, weaving their way through a mountainous back drop? Chances are a good few of them were filmed on the Pacific coast highway. The Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most dramatic roads in the US.
Stretching right the way up the pacific coast from Santa Barbara in California to the Canadian border, followers will be treated to some of the best scenery in North America. Officially the highway is only 120 miles long, the road actually stretches much longer.
Best bits are California’s Monterey peninsula.

2 – Sun Road Montana

If you are fan of dramatic scenery then this is the road for you. Winding its way through the Glacier National park this is not only one of Americas but the world’s most scenic roads. Along the route you will be graced with stunning snow capped mountain peaks, and the Rockies continental divide.

3 – Route 12 Utah

Ruote 12 Utah

Some very well informed opinion places this as the most stunning road in the world, and we agree, it is Mother Nature at her best. It is 124 miles of pure beauty.
The majority of route is at high altitude, in fact the road averages 9,000feet. Along the way you will be presented with some of the most dramatic natural beauty anywhere in North America. The Bryce canyon national park is by far the highlight, along with having a spot to eat Hells Backbone.

4 – Overseas Highway Florida

One of the most driven roads on the East Coast is the Overseas highway stretching from Florida on the mainland right the way through the Keys. Connecting the archipelago (Florida Keys) to the mainland the road is truly stunning.
Once you get past the first part of the trip and away from the mainland, the scenery becomes sublime, long thin roads surrounded by turquoise waters and white sandy beaches.
The overseas highway appeals to so many different people from those who love the drive, beach lovers and sun worshippers.

5 – Route 66

route 66 usa

Probably the most famous of all North American roads is the daddy of them all route 66, stretching from Chicago in the East to Los Angeles in the West, route 66 is just shy of 2,500 miles.
You can either do the entire route in one go, split it into several segments or do it by states. The best if you have the time to, is to do the whole trip in one go.
Being such a long road, encompassing so many states it is not possible for our blog to list them in their entirety here, as this is a best of list not an authority on the subject. For a more detailed look at route 66 we recommend these guys.

Final thoughts

There are hundreds of other magnificent drives in addition to those above, and I suppose if you really want to get into the true spirit of a road trip, then do not plan get a vehicle and just set off, and go where the road takes you.

Would you consume this?

Strange delicacies you can’t imagine

Wherever you travel you will undoubtedly come across different things, this is after all the purpose of travelling. You want experience different cultures, customs and ways of life. The world is a big place filled with many strange and wonderful things and the more you travel, the more you experience then the more you will grow as a person.

I have met many an intrepid traveller, many who have experienced so much of the world. All of whom are some of the most open minded people I know, and diversity is what they thrive on, it’s why they travel and it’s what they seek. But one thing most of them have in common, is the inability to come to turns with what some cultures eat or drink. I am not sure why but this is always a divisive subject and always divides opinion. Some people just can’t get to grips with the strange and weird foods found in different cultures.

So ask yourself, next time you head off somewhere exotic how far are you prepared to go when it comes to experiencing their culture? You will partake in dances, festivals and dress, but would you eat the cuisine? Not the everyday food but the things you don’t find back home, or are not even sure if there legal at home?

Below are some truly strange delicacies found around the world, ask yourself how many dare you try?

Witchetty Grub – Australia

witchetty grub

For most of us anything that resembles a maggot is not going to feature high on our list of must eat things. Especially a giant maggot the size of a large thumb. But for the aboriginal people of Australia these 3 inch long, white larvae are a staple of their desert diet. They are considered a great source of protein and are greatly revered.

Australia is a popular gap year destination and eating one of these is almost like a right of passage now to many a European student.

Grasshoppers – All over the world


Insects are not my first choice when looking for a tasty snack. Give me a bag of chips any day. But in many cultures a handful of deep fried insects is a staple snack or street food.

Grasshoppers are the most popular of all the insects, rich in protein, healthy and in rich abundance they can be found in food markets and street stalls all over the world. In Asia it is hard not to come across them on virtually every street corner, they actually make a great accompaniment to an ice cold beer. Just add a pinch of salt and you have the perfect alternative to a bowl of peanuts. Try some at home

Fried Spiders – Cambodia

Fried Spider Appetizer at Romdeng

I am like most people and the though of even a small house spider coming anywhere near me, sends shivers down my spine. I’m nit sure where my fear comes from, maybe the movie arachnophobia which I watched when I was far too young?

So struggling to be anywhere near a small spider, there is very little change I am ever going to eat one of these creatures. But many folk do, especially in Cambodia where they are considered a luxury food item. Many top tourist restaurants in the capital Phnom Penh offer them to daring tourists.

The most popular of all are the tarantula, deep fried and served with a chili and lime dip. Not for me though, even the thought is making me a little queasy.

Preserved eggs – China

Preserved eggs

For me I am always weary off eggs, if there is any doubt to their freshness I will not eat them. If they are one day past sell by date they are in the bin. After all I don’t want Salmonella, do you?

In China they don’t seem to worry about this and they love to eat preserved eggs that are months old. In fact they are so old there yolks have turned jet black, surely this is a sign that things can’t be good? Apparently not, and 1 billion Chinese people can’t be wrong, can they?

Final Word

So next time you head off somewhere exotic, try to find the strangest thing they eat and try it for yourself. Share you experiences by commenting below. Go on we dare you.

Bucket list destinations

Bucket list destinations

Ever since the movie “The Bucket List” about two dying older gents, completing all the things they wanted to do before dying, Bucket lists have become a bit of a fad. Everybody now has a rough idea at least of several things they intend to complete before they die.

The saying comes from the slang for dying “Kicking the bucket”, and the list is a list of must do things before the inevitable happens. The items on the list are not meant to be easy to achieve everyday things, but truly once in a lifetime experiences, that really mean something to you individually.

The lists can be based around anything and not just travel, any experience will do, it can be food, travel, books you want to read or movies you just have to watch? It really is up to you.

Being a a list of things that matter to you personally, no two lists should be identical. Each should be personalized, however there will of course be a certain amount overlap between bucket lists. We are travellers at heart and below are a few destinations from our bucket list, you may agree with, you may not? We are not being decisive, we are just to give you some inspiration for your own list.



Alaska for those of you who live under a rock, is the largest state in the USA, but also it’s least populated. This vast wilderness is relatively untouched by mass development.

The landscapes here are truly breathtaking and if you really want to appreciate just how beautiful the world can be, then you simply have to come here. From towering mountain ranges, crystal clear fjords, stunning wildlife it is a truly magical place.

We opted for a cruise as this allowed us to see as much as possible in only a 10 days. Cruises are available with several operators all summer, from June through to September. Our favourite parts were Glacier Bay, and a wildlife tour on which we spotted black bears, and golden eagles.

Dive With Great White Sharks

Shark diving South Africa

Now we understand this won’t be everyone’s idea of something they must do, but for us it was an absolute certainty for our list. We have always had an obsession with the ocean and it’s wildlife. And Great Whites are the most magical of all the marine species.

These masters of hunting are truly sublime to watch as they move gracefully through the water. The really are the masters of their domain.

You have the choice of watching from the boat, which in itself is truly amazing to see, but for the real experience then get in the cage and watch from close up as the Great Whites whip up a feeding frenzy only a few feet from you.

No experience is needed to be able to go down into the cage, you not need to be an experienced diver. The operators here are all very responsible and all have a love of these majestic creatures, and they are mostly naturalists and active in conservation. So you need not worry about mis treatment of the sharks.

Orang Utan Sanctuary – Borneo

Orang Utan Volunteer

Orang Utan’s are truly amazing, they are in our opinion one of the most human like of all our Ape cousins. You can really see their individual personalities if you spend a little time with them.

During the last 20-30 years there has been a program of mass deforestation in Indonesia and South East Asia, which has resulted in a loss of the Orang Utan’s natural habitat. Thousands of hectares of forest are cut down each month to be replaced by rubber plantations. When the clearing are burnt to clear out, often Orang Utan’s are caught in the fires.

On the island of Borneo there is a sanctuary for these amazing creatures, where you can go and volunteer, and spend some quality time with the amazing apes. We promise you won’t regret it go on give something back.

Great Barrier Reef – Australia

Barrier reef

One of the worlds greatest natural wonders, the Great Barrier Reef is remarkable, visible from space, it is the largest marine wonder on earth. The reef is home to an absolutely stunning array of wildlife. And is a absolute must for any wildlife lovers, or divers

The reef is actually made up of over 3000 individual reefs, coral cays and small islands, and stretches for nearly 1800miles along the Queensland coach. And the reef is home to 1500 species of tropical fish, 400 different species of coral (yes there are different species), 150 species of birds. As well as its year round inhabitants the coral also attracts seasonal visitors such as dolphins, whales, turtles and birds.

There are many ways to experience the reef, from flights over it, cruises through it, diving and snorkelling it through to volunteering on one of its many conservation projects. If you can spare the time volunteer, then do it, you will get and amazing experience.

A final word

These are our travel recommendation’s for bucket list entries, they are on our lists and we highly recommend them. You may have your own ideas and that’s fine, after all the list is supposed to be a personal thing. But we hope the above has at least given you a little inspiration?

Guide to Cheaper flights

How to save money on your flights

cheap flights

The modern traveler is a lot more independent than, say a decade ago. Many now choose to organise their own vacations and book the various elements of their trips individually, rather than use a “package holiday” where everything is included.

There are many benefits of doing it yourself, the main ones being you end up only paying for the elements you need, and you are not tied into the set schedule of the tour company you choose.

However there are also many downsides, the time taken to organise a trip can be exhausting at times, especially if you are planning on going to a lesser traveled destination. Making it all fit perfectly together can be harder than most jigsaws.

But however you choose to book your trip, no doubt one of the biggest expenses will be the flights, and let’s face it, the flight is only a means of getting there and not really part of the vacation. So it stands to reason that you would want to spend as little on the flight as possible, leaving more money to enjoy your travels.

There has been a lot of media attention recently regarding the collapse of the oil price, and record profits being recorded by the major airlines. Most would think this would translate into cheaper airfares for the ordinary folk, but sadly not. If you want a cheaper fare then you are going to have to put the work in and find it yourself.

We have been travelling for years and previously worked as both a leisure and corporate travel agent. This means we know what we are talking about when it comes to cheap airfare and we are ready to share our secrets to finding cheaper airfares.


Being flexible is the single most important factor when it comes to finding the cheapest airfare. Now we don’t just mean flexibility on dates, no being flexible on route is also a major factor.


Airlines operate a fairly complicated pricing structure, and although most long haul flights have 3 classes of travel (Economy/Coach, Business and First). Each Cabin will have several different ticket types available, and several different price points. This pricing structure allows the airline to sell seats at the cheapest possible price first and to advertise low fares, and then as the plane fills up they will restrict the sale of the lower priced tickets and only sell fares at the more lucrative higher price.

This system is designed to enable the airlines to maximize profits, but the savvy traveler can use it against them to find some super cheap airfares. Using it to your advantage is actually quite simply, as long as you are flexible on the date you can travel, the route you take and the season you wish to go.

When planning your trip always try to book as early as possible, this is when the airline has the cheapest ticket prices available, most airlines have tickets for sale up to 11 months in advance, if at all possible this is how far in advance you should book. Try to travel mid week, this is the least popular time to fly, business users generally fly on a Monday and a Friday, and tourists generally fly weekends. So this is a quiet time to flights and the airlines become more competitive on pricing.

If you can fix your dates and don’t need to change them in the future then go for a restricted ticket. Also if you do not have a family then it is essential to avoid school holidays, prices are often 3 times the norm during the holidays.


Direct flights or point to point as they are known, are often a lot more expensive than in-direct routes. For example on my last trip from London to Bangkok, the best price direct flight I could find was over £820 ($1230US). But flying with the Middle Eastern carrier Emirates, via Dubai was only £435 that’s nearly a whopping 50% saving. What did I have to suffer for that you may ask? Well not a lot, Emirates are regarded as one the best airlines in the world, my connection in Dubai was only 1hr 50mins and the total journey was only 2hrs 35mins longer than going direct. If you have been to South East Asia you will know just how far my saving of £385 will take me out there, it was enough for an extra couple of weeks there.

As well the route taken another consideration is the airport you arrive in to, most cities now have 1 major airport and several smaller airports. These smaller airports have to compete to attract operators, and charge the airlines a lot less to use the airport, this saving is then passed on to the traveller. These airports won’t be the closest to the city, but most will be connected by public transport and you can generally save 10-20% on the cost of your ticket.

How you book

Where and how you book can often also save you a considerable amount. The internet has made the whole travel sector a lot more competitive. A few ago travelers relied on the knowledge of their agents to find the cheapest ticket and route to fly, and agents would make their margins by marking up the tickets. Now though things have changed and with just a few clicks and an internet connection you have all the information you need to find the best deal.

Sites like Sky Scanner and Kyak will search thousands of airline and route combinations for you and in a matter of seconds display the cheapest option. These sites do charge the airlines a small affiliate commission for bookings, so use them to find the deal and then try going direct to the airline to see if they are offering the same deal but cheaper?

Also do try several sites first, some commissions are volume based, meaning a site will make a lot more per booking if they hit certain volume based targets. And as such some will actually discount the tickets to the point they are making a small loss so as to go up a commission level and earn more of retro payment from the airline.

Some of the so called low cost airlines do not use these sites, as they do not like to pay commissions, so always go direct to them as well to compare.

Ticket types

You can also save decent amount of cash, by the ticket type you book. As mentioned restricted tickets (those that don’t allow changes) are always the cheapest. Also many will now offer hand baggage only fares, whilst these are no good for long trips, if you are only going for a weekend or so you can save a lot by foregoing you checked luggage allowance.

Being a member of an airlines membership scheme is also a great way to save on ticket cost. Use a combination of miles and cash for your ticket.


By using all or some of the points above you can quite conceivably save up to 50-60% on your ticket type, which can be used for more trips or longer time spent in your chosen destination.

Best European Capitals to visit

Best European Capitals to visit

Europe is one of the most diverse continents on the planet, with a rich history. Nowhere else on the planet will you find such a diverse range of cultures so close to one another? If you are a fan of culture, the arts, architecture or cuisine you will be in awe of Europe.

With a modern history dating back several hundred years, and the home to many a past empire the capitals of many European countries are simply beautiful and a must see sight for any serious travelers.

The Europeans were the first serious travelers, with maritime fleets spreading right around the planet; this has resulted in the whole continent becoming a melting pot of cultures. And one of the benefits of this diversity is the cuisine, made up of hundreds of years of varying influences from around the world; every corner of Europe has its own distinct cuisine and European food is considered by many as the best in world.

Many far flung visitors to Europe try to take in as much as possible in one visit and do an organised tour. There are however many travelers who prefer the more unorganized tour and plan independently. If you are one of these then you may find the list of our must see European Capitals a benefit to your planning.

London – United Kingdom

london-city skyline

Undoubtedly one of the most visited cities in the world and the gateway to Europe for many a North American visitor, London has to be number one on the list. The capital city of the world’s last great empire London is jam packed with things to do and must see sights.

The most famous sight has to be Buckingham Palace, home to the head of state her Majesty the Queen of England. Recently the doors to this wonderful palace were open to the public and it is now possible to partake in a guided tour. Other great sights include the Tower of London, Madame Tussauds, The British Museum and London Bridge.

Best time to visit London is spring or summer (April thru Sep) as it can be very dark, wet and grey in winter.

Paris – France

Paris Skyline

Our second entry for must visit cities in Europe is the world’s capital of love Paris. The French capital is undoubtedly a very romantic place, and millions of couples come here every year looking to add some romance to their relationships.

The most famous sight in Paris is the Eiffel Tower, and is easily recognizable, towering above the city it offers great views over Paris. Anyone who comes to Paris has to take the tour to the top, you can walk but why would you when there are elevators to take you to the top.

Other great things to do here include the Louvre, Arc de Triumph, the many art galleries, and of cuisine the world famous French cuisine.

Madrid – Spain


Spain’s capital city Madrid is beautiful city with an even better climate. Stunning old world architecture, beautiful palaces and one of the world’s best art collections, all make Madrid an absolute must visit city.

Some of the must see sights in Madrid are the Royal Palace of Madrid the royal home of the Spanish ruling monarchy, as well as the Sorolla museum, the Bernabeu and Retiro park.

Spain enjoys a great climate all year around and is therefore a great place to visit any time of the year.

Rome –Italy


Italy’s ancient capital Rome was also home to the great empire that bears its name, and was the father of modern society as we know it. Having such a rich and ancient history makes this an absolute must to any tour of Europe.

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the buildings here both old and new are some of the finest examples of architecture in the world.

The list of the must see sights in Rome is huge and too big to list here, but a small collection include- The Colosseum, the Vatican, the Spanish steps, Trevi fountain and St Peters Basilica.

Berlin – Germany

Berlin panorama at night

Steeped in ancient and a much more somber modern history, Germany’s capital Berlin is a definite must for any trip to Europe. Especially those that like the art scene and modern architecture.

An absolute must when in Berlin is to visit the Holocaust Museum, the graffiti remains of the Berlin wall. As well as the cities many museums and art galleries.

Best time to visit Berlin is during the summer months or a t Christmas to take advantage of the wonderful German Christmas market.

To summarize

Above are the most visited cities in Europe and offer the traveler a rich and diverse set of sights to visit, not only do the make a great vacation destination but you will also learn from their history. These are not the only cities worth visiting in Europe and there are many more you can visit if you have the time.

A Vacation in Paradise Thailand

Thailand is all about glittering temples, tropical beaches, scrumptious cuisine and the ever-comforting Thai smile. The Thai people are very cheerful and friendly, so there is never a dull day in this nation. Only a few countries in the world can compete with Thailand in terms of scenic beauty, traditions and culture. The following sections feature a list of the best travel destinations in the country.

Your Vacation Guide in Paradise Thailand



Fondly called the “Rose of the North”, Chiang Mai is the cultural and economic hub of Northern Thailand. Originally the capital of the Lanna Thai kingdom of the thirteenth century, it has beautiful provinces adorned with high mountains and lush green forests. This province is frequented by swirls of fog and mist – a quite unusual sight in a tropical country. It is also home to some of the country’s best wildlife parks. Chiang Mai is situated on the banks of the Mae Ping river 310 meters above the sea level. A visit to the tribal villages of the province can be an unforgettable experience.


Located 258 nautical miles south of Bangkok, the Koh Samui is literally an island of forested hills and coconut trees. Studded with spectacular beaches and bays, a visit to this place is a treat to nature lovers. Samui’s top beaches include Choeng Mon, Hat Mae Nam, Hat Cheweng and Hat Lamai. Tourists also get to see the famous trio of waterfalls which are best visited during the rainy season. The island is also home to some great Buddhist temples and monuments. If you are spiritually inclined, you cannot miss the mummified body of Luang Pho Daeng, a Buddhist monk who died meditating in 1973.


Pattaya is a coastal city famous for its Pattaya Beach that runs over four kilometers parallel to the city’s center. You can find many hotels, restaurants, night attractions and shopping areas alongside the beach road. Also, many water sporting options are available in the beach area. The city is also popular for its festivals and marathons.


Bangkok is a perfect blend of modernity and antiquity. In spite of being modern in every respect, all elements of Thai culture are revered here. From world-class hotels to moderately priced guesthouses for the budget conscious, the city has a variety of accommodation options. Bangkok also offers the finest food on the planet – the famous Thai cuisine alongside the very best delicacies from all over the world. An amazing nightlife makes the city a paradise for every entertainment lover. From bars and shows to concerts and cinema, the city has an endless list of options to explore during the night.


Phuket is the largest island of the Buddhist nation. Roughly the size of Singapore, it is located in the Andaman Sea, 862 km away from Bangkok. For many centuries, the island flourished on its rubber production and tin mining. Phuket’s chief attractions are its beaches, bays, and coves. Tourists love to spend time at the Patong, Kamala, Kalim and Karon beaches as well as Promthep Cape. From diving and snorkeling to trekking, the island offers a long list of outdoor fun activities. The Phuket FantaSea theme park, which cost 3,500-million Baht to build, provides the ultimate night-time entertainment on the island.

We hope this list of the top Thailand travel destinations helps you plan your trip to this exotic country.